Experience sensational swimming with no need for scuba gear and fins!
Enjoy absolute fun, absolute drive and an absolute weightless
swimming experience that is out of this world.



a world-class vehicle that moves underneath water.


Subaqueous Motorcycle DiveObserver


Here is an excellent new diving method!

  • Gone are the days of restrictive masks and hose comfort air chambers.
  • You no longer have to worry about 15-minute-long learning periods.
  • The DiveObserver is ready right away for your diving escape.

Some fundamental features of the sub-aquatic apparatus DiveObserver include:

    • Safety

Being safe is one of the most important things while diving. DiveObserver ensures that your body remains secure as you move through the new, foreign environment underneath the surface of the water. It has a backup respiratory system for your emergency needs.

    • Maneuverability

You are diving so that you can move around in water – not just be stuck in the same place. This underwater motorcycle is able to turn on a dime and halt at any given point, courtesy of its double motors.

    • Visibility

You can see clearly through the water, even in the coldest of all places. Direct and constant glass blowing keeps the glass from fogging to provide great visibility and the ability for you to capture clear photos and videos.

    • Autonomy

The bike’s ability to float in any given direction gives you the unforgettable experience of going through a zero-gravity zone.

    • Speed

The motorcycle is able to hit speeds of up to 7 km/h, even with two passengers onboard. In addition, it achieves as much as 5 km in one minute within the water.

      • Resistance

One no longer has to worry about the limitations caused by friction in water. People of all weights are seamlessly accommodated as the machine cuts through water.

    • Handling

Controlling the vehicle’s motion is simple given that only two buttons are involved. The left button holds the set depth while the right button moves forward.

Who are Our Customers?

  • Tourist Business Owners

Does your business involve accommodating a number of tourists who want to sightsee? The underwater motorcycle is a safe machine for tourists to immerse themselves in bodies of water to see the astonishing sights below. It’s a perfect companion for a holiday to the ocean or sea.

  • Adventure Seekers

If you are the kind of person that thrives off of discovering new places in an interesting manner, then our submarine scooter will perfectly fit you. The machine allows you to dive through a marvelous underwater kingdom in a romantic atmosphere as you discover the hidden secrets.

  • Yacht owners

Considering the sub-aquatic scooter’s low-weight and small size, transporting it on a voyage with your yacht and diving with it at any given place is easy.

  • Underwater Researchers

Besides being a great vacation tool, the machine conveniently compliments underwater videography, oceanographic research, technical inspection of underneath structures, and archeology.

One can describe DiveObserver as the “Happy Medium”

The categorization is as shown in the table below:


Happy medium

Deceptive Lightweight

Tourist submarines, bathyscaphes and numerous traditional submersibles


Diving accessories, including tanks, masks, and diving suits Dive computers, dive lights, buoyancy-control devices

  • Large size and weight with a high cost
  • Anyone can easily access it
  • Lightweight and one of the simplest machines you can ever drive
  • Easy to transport in a car
  • Overall equipment with a heavy weight
  • Many small elements
  • Difficult-to-use scuba gear
  • Every element’s high importance

You no longer have to view the underwater world as a thing specifically for

VIP tourists or professional divers.

It’s about time you widen your horizons.

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