DiveObserver boasts of two electric motors and a steering wheel that helps it to independently float in any given direction.

The feeling enjoyed from driving the sub-aquatic motor is one that can only be compared to flying in the air.

There is an auto-return and fixed positive buoyancy on the DiveObserver so as to guarantee the highest level of safety.

Furthermore, maximum safety is attained through its long production period and repeated boat tests.

On top of the submarine, there are transport hemispherical viewports which give the passenger a full view. On the other hand, the glasses are mist-proof and are easy to breathe in. Therefore, the beauty of the underwater environment becomes easily visible.

Setting the DiveObserver afloat and transporting it is easy due to its compact dimensions.

General Characteristics
TypeUnderwater vehicle
Battery life40 minutes
Operating Depth12 meters
Charging (Maximum)120 kg
Weight43 kg
Length x Width x Height60*140*110
Underwater speed5-7 km/h
Vertical electric motorElectric 0.5 hp
Horizontal electric motorElectric 0.5 hp
Motor typeElectric
Life Support System
Indication of required parametersPressure sensor
Main cylinder capacity
10 L
Air systemCompressed air
Buoyancy and Ballast Characteristics
Battery power75 amp/h
Compressed air capacity
200 bar
Ballast tanks total capacity
5 L
Ballast tanks number

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