The journey has been a long one, starting off with an idea to have underwater flights and leading to this time where everyone can enjoy submersibles. But that’s not the end. We are set to move a notch higher by availing mini submarines that are unique for each person and can be accessed at the lowest price possible.

To ensure that the submarine is conveniently optimized for use in different circumstances, detailed research was done during its creation. This device could be ideally purchased by individual adventurers or profit organizations seeking to broaden the services they offer.

For this project to be successful, expertise from different sectors, including biology, physics, and electrical and mechanical engineering, were brought together. This will be a multi-use product, likely to be used both for entertainment and scientific research underneath the sea.

As our team continues to work on the new project, we are looking forward to getting positive results soon.

General Characteristics
Operating depth20 meters
Hydrobatics capable
Charging (maximum)250 kg
Weight (excluding passengers)200 kg
Length x Width x Height300 x 200 x 140
Pressure hull  and interior
Soft, Comfortable Seat Belts
Rough floor of ultra-strong plastic with indentations for your legs
Polished cast-acrylic flat viewports
Interior trim with imitation leather and silicone
Proof tested hull made from composite materials
Adjustable flow air conditioning system
Display consoles are available + front and rear part has DATEL digital display readouts
Transmission and battery
2 composite propellers
Battery management system with over and under-voltage protection
Pressure-compensated, direct-drive brushless DC thruster, 3kW power output
Lithium battery
Communications and tracking
VHF for surface communications
Closed-circuit internal communications system + throat mics, earpieces
Through-water communications
The compass
A depth gauge
Reinforced stainless steel towing insert
Reinforced stainless steel lifting eye
The hatch for inspection / maintenance of internal components
High strength composite body, painted to customer specifications, high gloss finish
Motion Control
Autopilot Control Systems
The left and right pedals
Control wheel (up and down)
The device dives under the water only when it is moving forward
Extended warranty
Life support
Environmental Monitoring Probe
2 rescue mini cylinder
4 oxygen cylinder and 1 spare oxygen cylinder and a Multipoint circulation system
Air Dryer
Buoyancy compensator
Fixed positive buoyancy, auto-return to the surface
Optional features
GoPro HD
Lighting system

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Mini submarine

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