The company DiveObserver reaches to you through this website. Among the people, the serves include tourists, adventurers, romantics and literally anyone who likes to press forward. Professionals and fans of the underwater world continuously place strong demands on the technological world. As a result, several firms have come up to create astounding diving equipment.

DiveObserver has not been left out either, coming up with the latest designs that cannot be found anywhere in the market. The personal underwater scooter created is one of a kind that makes it possible for people of all ages to access the underneath waters. Technical inspectors of underwater infrastructure, archeologists, underwater videographers, and oceanographic researchers can now seamlessly access the underwater world.

One major barrier the equipment has broken is to make it possible for people with disability to dive deeper. Unlike in the past, mysteries of the seas are now open to them.

You do not need to be an expert diver for you to use our equipment. With a little help from a professional instructor, you will be able to control the personal submarine easily.