Helmet for underwater travel

Here comes the latest solution to the challenges facing scuba divers.

The solution is termed “Electrohelmet diving.”

It allows you to simply travel along the seaboard in the most affordable and safest way.

Divers get to enjoy quick and convenient underwater walks.


  • Go for small depths of 2 to 3 meters during the first dive.
  • Have a support diver around if possible.
  • Always confirm the balloon’s air and keep tabs on its flow.
  • Be patient while underwater. Remember the secrets can only be revealed to the patient guys!

The diving helmet is suitable for research and tourist trips less than 10 meters below the surface.

You do not require any special training to operate the helmet.

  • The back of the helmet has a hose attached to it.
  • Attach the oxygen regulator to the cylinder.
  • Any standard gas cylinder can be used for your diving needs. The hose’s end is installed on the cylinder.
  • Open the valve and gauge how much air is available in the manometer. Allow this air to escape through the pipe and listen.
  • As you get into the water, have a partner with you to watch your steps.
  • Slowly adjust the blow in accordance to your needs.
  • It is important to walk on a smooth and flat bottom while wearing flat shoes to avoid unnecessary accidents or bites.
  • Enjoy your walk on the surface.
  • When you get off the water, have your partner remove the helmet for you.
  • Close the cylinder’s valve.
  • Pour fresh water on the helmet and use a soft flannel to wipe it.

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Helmet for underwater travel

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