Sub-aquatic Scooter

Feel at home at the pleasant world of DiveObserver! Whether you are a seasoned expert or a new diving enthusiast, it is our everyday endeavor to support your underwater adventure in the most innovative manner.

We understand that technology is progressive, that’s why we are able to take advantage of it to create the most modern and personalized submarine. The whole idea behind these efforts is to perfectly serve those seeking adventures, romance in the under waters or who enjoy extreme sports.

The market has quite a good number of diving equipment manufacturers but what DiveObserver creates is entirely unique. No manufacturer out there is able to offer the kind of personal submarine technology that we give. We build equipment for underwater sightseeing that’s large enough to accommodate two and let you explore the strangest of places underneath the sea.

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Gone are the days when you couldn’t travel through the world’s waters to satisfy your love for ocean exploration and sea diving. You do not need to be an expert for you to use this machine. Within a short period of time, you will be able to freely “walk” in water in full control of whatever the machine does. It independently and easily floats in all directions, making you feel like you are flying under the water!

All explorers, including archeologists, underwater videographers and oceanographic researchers can now use the equipment to explore mysteries of the silent waters.

Your security while using our device is well catered for. The protection offered doesn’t feel stuffy. It is one that leaves you comfortable while at the same time allowing you to readily access support. Those who have used our equipment for underwater sightseeing report that they get a sense of protection. No longer are they nervous while in these foreign environments.

You can clearly see everything, courtesy of the transparent hemispherical viewports. These are found on top of the submarine’s main body so that you are guaranteed full view and zero impediment in your view. The fact that the glass is mist-free is an added advantage in that the space is easy and comfortable to breathe in as you enjoy stunning sights. There are no age limits for using this equipment to travel under the water. Even if you have zero diving experience or using aqualungs, you will find it easy to drive our sub-aqueous machine and explore the sea.

In the previous years, people have been barred from accessing the ocean. That is why we make it our mission to get rid of these boundaries. To ensure that there are no more walls between humans and the sea, we have simplified the operation of our device so that people of all ages can get to enjoy the beautiful views beneath the waves.

On a yearly basis, people from all corners of the world visit seaside tourism spots and resorts. Unfortunately, only 18% are able to actually see the under waters. The purpose of DiveObserver 2 is to clear these limitations, making it possible for 90% of those who visit the seaside to see the inside of the sea. You can go as deep as 12 meters with this personal submarine. If you feel you do not understand the manual that well, you can be provided with a professional instructor to get you through all that’s to be known.

Do you keep wondering how you can drive a personal submarine? That is a simple matter.

In case you want the single-seat sub-aqueous equipment, you will first be provided with training from a personal instructor. After the theoretical part, you are allowed to practice on the unit, under the supervision of a professional.

When it comes to the two-seater device, learning is very easy. All that the instructor does is to sit behind you and observe what your operations. Communication between you and the instructor is facilitated via channels fitted in the DiveObserver 2. This is a remarkable feature both for training and safety.

The pilot is in charge of the depth at which the submarine can go as well the speed of descent. This control safeguards the passenger’s health and allows him/her ample time to adapt. It is also helpful as it makes it possible to slowly enjoy breath-taking sights, and take videos and photos. Optimum visibility is supported in DiveObserver 2 which allows all persons to take as many photos and videos as they would wish.

The stability of the two-seater sub-aqueous machine is guaranteed, even if those onboard are of two different weights. At no point, will you feel a loose of balance. The reason for this is that the DiveObserver 2 sphere has a large space that can seamlessly give good stability. This makes it possible for the instructor to carry along anyone: men, women and kids.

In addition, the sphere’s large size on top makes it possible to include reserve air supply systems that can be used in the event of an emergency. The device, which features several controls and gauges, is controlled by the pilot using a wheel. Available equipment includes depth gauge and a manometer as well as two electric motors that feature hydraulic jets. Deep-sea researchers are well taken care of by the researching equipment and navigating tools mounted on the submarine. If you want to maintain the submarine at a given depth, use the left button. The right button is for propulsion. The fact that movements of the submarine are entirely in your control means it can better be used in research and also for recreation.

If you are the kind of a person who loves underwater adventure, then the DiveObserver 2 perfectly fits you. The machine is also suitable for seaside resorts, tour operators and yachts. Researchers and more formal underwater explorers will find the DiveObserver 2 very useful.

About Us

This story started from a Dream. People wanted to explore the undersea world and walk in the water as easily as on the ground.

But the truth of life is that dreamers are often in a minority. The world is ruled by practical and rationalistic people. The creators of the first submarines never cared about making them suitable for entertaining. They were built to serve military purposes only. The Hunley, which was the first submarine to sink a warship, is always remembered because of its important role in demonstrating both the advantages and the dangers of undersea warfare.


The following gallery is a compilation of the beautiful, amazing underwater environment. You get to see the deep-sea plants and animals, the mesmerizing underwater landscapes – all different from what you are used to seeing above ground. A view of “Neptune’s life” definitely gives you the impression that you are in an entirely new planet. But guess what? You are underwater on Earth! The experiences underwater shown by our photos here are just a fraction of what you would witness with your own eyes in real-time. If you would like more of this experience, then we highly recommend that you select our personal sub-aqueous Diveobserver.


Experience sensational swimming with no need for scuba gear and fins

Enjoy absolute fun, absolute drive and an absolute weightless swimming experience that is out of this world